Eclipse Keystroke Cheatsheet

The Eclipse platform can be used as a Java development environment. Here are some handy keyboard shortcuts when using it in that capacity. (Note that this is a small subset of the keystrokes available, however these are the ones that I call upon the most.) The official full list of default keyboard shortcuts is also helpful.

Ctrl-HSearchWhen editing Java files this will open a Java search
Ctrl-Shift-TOpen typeOpens a dialog box for searching for class
Ctrl-Shift-ROpen resourceOpens a dialog box for searching for a file
Ctrl-Shift-GFind referencesSearches the workspace for references to the item under the cursor
Ctrl-GFind declarationsSearches the workspace for declarations of to the item under the cursor
F3Open declarationNavigates to the declaration of the item under the cursor
Ctrl-TPop-up type hierarchyPops up a window displaying the type hierarchy
Ctrl-OPop-up membersPops up a searchable window displaying the members; pressing the key again toggles the display of inherited members
Ctrl-PgUpSwitch to tab left
Ctrl-PgDownSwitch to tab right
Ctrl-UpScroll line upMoves up the position of the file being edited
Ctrl-DownScroll line downMoves down the position of the file being edited
Ctrl-MMaximize active editorToggles the maximization of the current editor
Ctrl-WClose active editor window

F2Show tooltipProvides a tooltip for the item under the cursor
Ctrl-1Quick fixAllows for automatic help while coding, such as adding an import, or delaration
Ctrl-Shift-OOrganize importsArranges imports based on the workspace configuration
Ctrl-ICorrect indentationCorrects the indentation of the current line or selected text
Ctrl-SpaceContent assistProvides completion help while typing
Ctrl-DDelete the current line

Alt-Shift-RRenameRenames the item under the cursor, updating the references
Alt-Shift-LExtract local variableExtracts the expression under the cursor to a local variable and updates references to the same expression with that new variable

F5Step into
F6Step over
F7Step returnAlso known as step out
Ctrl-RRun to line
F11Debug last launched
Ctrl-Shift-BToggle line breakpointToggles a breakpoint on the current line